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    AGM Minutes 17th May 2018




    Thursday 17th May 2018 at 14.00 Venue: Dorridge Village Hall


    Before the meeting started Kitty Gundy from Dorridge U3A choir mentioned the concert on October 20th at Dorridge Methodist Church. She made a request for more sopranos and altos. Two members Louisa Jakeman and Bill Lally have unfortunately had to drop out due to ill health.  The choir meets fortnightly on Tuesdays at 10a.m.


    1.       Lilian Watts the Chair opened the meeting by thanking everyone for coming and confirming that we were quorate -54 being the minimum and there were 69 members present.

    2.       There were 30 apologies.

    3.       Peter Derrington pointed out that on AOB in the 2017 minutes there was a double negative. The last sentence should read: In the absence of Sue Berridge it was thought that numbers did not have to be collected. The minutes were proposed by Michael Thompson and seconded by Bob Mansell.  A vote was taken, and the minutes were passed with just three abstentions. Action: Lilian Watts to amend before signing and sending off to Mike Hallam to be put on the web site.

    4.       There were no matters arising from the 2017 minutes.

    5.       Chairman’s Report: Lilian talked about the changes to the committee over the last year i.e. co-opting Sue Berridge and Peter Derrington onto the committee. She thanked the committee for their hard work this year.  The Secretary Louisa Jakeman was unfortunately taken ill and was unable to continue. Lilian thanked Mike and Sally Thornborrow for stepping in. Louisa is still having treatment and Lilian sent her our best wishes.

    Bill Lally as Vice Chair has also been taken ill and has similarly had to step down. Lilian again sent him our best wishes.

    Lilian then went on to talk about membership which is currently at 534. Some outstanding data protection forms are still outstanding. People need to send these back.

    Lilian mentioned the new computerised membership system – the Beacon secure management system. Thanks go to Liz Mansell who has put a lot of work into setting this up. 

    Lilian mentioned the variety of Speakers we have had this year and reminded everyone that members can go on the web site to give their opinion for future reference.

    We now have a new digital projector, new microphones, a Loop tester for the Hearing Aid and next week the inanimate speakers will be moved for the best sound production.

    Lilian extended her thanks to Brian Goodson and his Audio-Visual Team for their dedication over the last year.

    Lilian also thanked Stephen Boulton, the Treasurer, for his diligence and also Melvin Nicol, The Independent Examiner of the Accounts 2017, for putting in an unprecedented amount of time on the accounts.

    She also thanked the Activity Group Co-coordinators, the Welcome team, people who make tea, to Bob Tabb who makes things run smoothly and the two Regional volunteers, Janice Anderson and Peter Derrington. Peter is also responsible for the Crier and the Flyer.

    Sue Berridge, who creates all the rotas for the Welcome Team and Tea teams and Pat Gardner who has worked on Excursions, will be leaving the Committee today so deserve a special thank you.

    Our website needs more contributions from DU3A members.   Richard Arbuthnot and Mike Hallam and have asked the Committee to give consideration for ways forward.

    Lilian mentioned two legal issues, raised by the Third Age Trust, for the committee to consider in next season: Equalities and Accessibility, together with the Safeguarding of Adults. We shall need to be able to indicate that we have appropriate policies in place to cover legal requirements.   There have been conferences set up by the Third Age Trust on these matters and three of our members have already attended.

    Lilian concluded by explaining that, during the last couple of years, a working party has reviewed the Articles of Association of the Third Age Trust and the new version was approved and accepted at an Extraordinary meeting in March. Along with most other U3As, Dorridge U3A is a charity and must comply with the requirements of the Charity Commission and this involves a change in the wording of our constitutional Objects Clause.

    6.       Activity Group Advisors Report: In the absence of David Brittin Pat Gardner read out David’s report. David mentioned the popularity of certain groups and the problems this sometimes causes. Nearly all the table tennis groups have a waiting list. There has to be limits on groups numbers due to constraints of the venue and number of tables.

    It may be necessary to form a completely new group, but this can also be a problem if only two or three are wanting to take part.

    There are no easy answers, but David looks forward to hearing from any group which wants help or advice. Pat also mentioned the new trip to Waddenson Manor.

    7.       Treasurer’s Report:

    7a. Stephen, using a power point presentation gave a review of the accounts for the year ending December 2017.  Although the DU3A accounts continue to be prepared on a Receipts and Payments basis, no future income i.e. for 2018, was included in the 2017 accounts as he did not receive any 2018 subscription cheques until early January 2018.  As a result, the 2107 accounts show a large deficit of £4,954 with a similar reduction in Reserves to £9,252 from over £14k at the end of 2016.

    Non-subscriptions income was lower as there was no Christmas party in 2017 nor any language classes at Arden Academy.

    Overall, Groups showed a small deficit for the year whilst outings showed a Surplus of £178 leaving a balance of £696 to fund future outings.

    The reason why there is no figure for the Deposit Bond at 31/12/17 is because the bank failed to reinvest the money before the year end. £7,000 has now been reinvested.

    Stephen talked through the Reserves and the Group balances.

    Stephen thanked the activity group coordinators who handle DU3A money for their hard work.  Also, thanks to Melvin Nicol (our Independent Examiner for 2017) for his extensive work in reviewing the accounts.

    7b.  Stephen asked for the accounts to be approved. Proposed by Stephen and seconded by Pat Gardner. A vote was taken.  The accounts were approved unanimously with no abstentions.

    7c.  The appointment of Richard Savage as Independent Examiner for 2018 was proposed by Stephen Boulton, seconded by Michael Thompson. A vote was taken and passed unanimously with no abstentions.

    7d. Stephen presented the figures for 2018 and 2019. He had added in the £4,329 of 2017 income that was shown in the 2016 accounts to show the amended position for 2017. This shows a loss of £635 which is similar to the losses forecast for 2018 and 2019.  The reasoning behind these continuing small losses is in order to reduce our reserves to a more reasonable figure and one that is acceptable to the Third Age Trust.  Stephen recommended that we stay with the current £15 subscription level for next year.  This level gives an estimated Reserves figure (excluding Groups and Outings balances) of £6,382 at the end of 2019. This is equivalent to approximately 9 months, compared with £12,661 or over 15 months’ worth at the end of 2016. The proposal to keep the subscription at £15 was proposed by Stephen Boulton and seconded by Bob Mansell. A vote was taken, and it was passed unanimously with no abstentions.

    8.       Proposed Constitution Amendment of Clause 3.  Peter Derrington explained the Committee have reviewed the facts.  Our current DU3A clause does not refer to retirement (only to people not in full time employment and clause 3 (ii) is a charitable purpose but only undertaken for our target user group. Also, we need to bear in mind that only charitable activity inside our objects clause can be covered by U3A’s insurances. The proposal is that the Objects Clause of our Constitution should read:

    “The advancement of education and in particular the education of older people and those who are retired from full time work, by all means including associated activities conducive to learning and personal development.”

    Proposed by Peter Derrington and seconded by Pat Gardner.  A vote was taken, and it was carried unanimously with no abstentions.

    9.       Appointment of Officers for 2018:

    Chair: Lilian Watts

    Vice Chair: Bob Mansell

    Secretary: Robert Beckham

    Treasurer: Stephen Boulton

    Group Activity Advisor: David Brittin

    Membership Secretary: Liz Mansell

    These have all been proposed and seconded.  A vote was taken in favour of these Officers. Passed with no abstentions.

    10.   Appointment of Committee Members:

    Groups coordinator: Pat Lawrence

    Committee Member: William Foster

    Committee Member: Sally Terry

    These have all been proposed and seconded. A vote was taken and passed unanimously with no abstentions.

    11.   A.O.B. None.

    12.   Date of next Annual General Meeting – Thursday 16th May 2019.

    Geoff Wright thanked the Committee and for their presentations today.

    Meeting closed at 15.10