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    Speaker Notes for July and August 2019

    Speaker names marked with an asterisk  *  are Dorridge U3A members

    Date:   Thurs 4th July

    Topic:  Discovering Birmingham....a continually changing city

    Speaker:  Prof. Jonathon Berg

    Jonathan Berg is the Pathology Director at SWBH NHS Trust in Birmingham and West Bromwich and an Honorary Professor of Clinical Biochemistry at University of Birmingham. Coming to live in the city in 1978 Jonathan became interested in the city. He developed his photographic interests and with his wife Barbara set up “Birmingham Picture Library” which included publishing several books about the city. More recently Jonathan has set up walking tours based on the concepts of the book Positively Birmingham which take place at weekends and some weekdays. 

    Date:   Thurs 18th July

    Topic:   Little Black Dress

    Speaker:  Molly Murray

    (Molly will introduce herself)

    Date:  Wed  24th July   -  no meeting



    Date:   Thurs 1st August

    Topic:  Warwickshire Wildlife Trust - its history and present range of activities

    Speaker:  Coral Pertiff

    Coral has been volunteering with the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust since 2013 initially with the Brandon volunteer wardens, following this mainly with Tim Precious on wetland projects such as water vole conservation.  She completed her Environmental Science degree with OU last year, 2018.  She is also currently working with Canal and River Trust as lead environment volunteer on Coventry Canal. She has lived on a narrow boat for 8 years from 1999 to 2007 including 3 years at Lapworth and Knowle (both places near Dorridge- where I would sometimes go shopping).  

    Date:   Thurs 15th August

    Topic:  Amusing Look at the BBC

    Speaker:  David Clark

    David retired from his own business when he was 74 but his earlier career literally ‘careered’ all over the place - marketing in Germany, sales, Personnel management in Australia, theatre management, City Councillor for 20 years, Mayor in 2001; and a lot else besides

    Date:   Wed 28th August  -  no meeting