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    Speaker Notes - March & APRIL 2019

    Speaker names marked with an asterisk  *  are Dorridge U3A members

    Date:   Thursday 7th March

    Topic:  Annual British Science Association Lecture - Through Birds' Eyes

    Speaker: Prof. Graham Martin

    Professor Graham Martin is an Ornithologist with an international reputation built upon his research into the sensory worlds of birds. In recent years he has used his expertise to focus on problems concerned with the functions vision, especially binocular vision, in foraging behaviour, and in understanding why some bird species are particularly vulnerable to collisions with human artefacts such as wind turbines, power lines and fishing nets.

    His talk will introduce the idea of how birds see the world very differently to ourselves and ends up with the issue of collisions and what can be done about it by taking a bird oriented perspective

    Date:   Thursday 21st March

    TopicMary Quant Part 2 – her later life, career and designs

    SpeakerRuth Lowe

    Ruth worked in professional offices all her life as a secretary/PA/Accounts for Solicitors, Banks, Accountants and finally Chartered Quantity Surveyors for the last 38 years. Her interests include concoursing her beloved Mini a Mary Quant award winning car, history (spending much time visiting ancient monuments, castles etc.) She is married with two daughter, and her husband is a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and construction consultant. She is presently writing her autobiography which is taking rather longer than anticipated. She has lived a very colourful life and numerous people have asked her to do this so she finally ‘bit the bullet’ and embarked on an ‘all our yesterdays’ journey.

    Date:   Wednesday 27th March

    Topic:  Wainwright - Coast to Coast

    Speaker:  Tony Caldwell

    Tony Caldwell lives in Worcestershire and has been involved with Bloodwise since 1977 (the Leukaemia Research Fund at that time) - when his son Simon was diagnosed with leukaemia at the age of 3. Although Simon died when aged 5½, Tony's work for the charity has continued. 

    He has personally raised over £1 million for the Charity in the last 40 plus years, and was awarded an MBE in 2006 for this work. 

    Tony gives illustrated talks describing his travels. All talks are given for the benefit of Bloodwise - the UK's specialist blood cancer charity, previously called Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. 

    More details can be found here:

    Date:   Thursday 4th April

    Topic:  Sulgrave Manor and the Washington Family

    Speaker:  Martin Sirot-Smith

    Martin was in education for 22 years; 14 as Head of a lovely school in Kent. He was then invited to become Resident Director of Sulgrave Manor, George Washington’s Ancestral Home.  Here he developed an education programme attracting over 11,000 children a year as well as increasing the profile of Sulgrave Manor as a centre of Living History. Retiring in 2005, his role now, as Director Emeritus, is lecture to groups and societies of the history of Sulgrave Manor and the Washington Family.

    Date:    Thursday 18th April

    Topic:    My Life in Russia and How I met Shostakovitch

    Speaker:   Professor Gerald Seaman

    Date:    Wednesday 24th April

    Topic:   Oliver Cromwell and His Contribution to Democracy

    Speaker:   Howard Robinson