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    Currently, many groups are unable to meet due to Covid rules, however, some groups are meeting online via 'Zoom', as indicated below

    Normally, Activity Groups meet in members’ homes or local halls and may be number-limited due to space constraints.

    New groups start up as demand arises.


    Armchair Travel - using 'Zoom'

    1st Friday at 10 am. We look at travel to various parts of the world.  



    Art Appreciation - using 'Zoom'

    2nd Friday at 10 am in member’s homes. We take it in turns to host the monthly meeting, when one of the members usually gives a presentation on their chosen artist, who is, almost without exception, a painter. However, there is no compulsion for every member to do this as we also visit 'virtual' art galleries around the world, thanks to the Internet. 



    Art Practical

    1st and 3rd Wednesday from 2.0 to 4.0 pm.
    Meeting at Ye Olde Knowle Bowling Club, Dorridge 
    (adjacent to Dorridge Village Hall).

    We practice art in an encouraging, supportive and convivial environment. We work in a variety of media including pencil, pastel, water colour, acrylic and textiles. No previous experience needed.
    Fee payable for the term is £17.50 please pay by cheque payable to Dorridge U3A.
    Although there is no instructor, members help

    Ballroom Dancing
    Recommencing on Thursday 12th September 2019 and
    thereafter on 2nd and 4th Thursday, at Dorridge Village Hall at 2.0 pm.
     Beginners welcome and help given. We have covered waltz quickstep, and foxtrot in ballroom mode.
    Cha Cha Jive Rumba and Tango in Latin American style. Also a number of sequence and party dances have been learnt. 
    Dress is informal, ladies any shoes that will not stick to the floor are wearable (and gents) 
    Fee will be £2 per person per session to cover hall hire.



    Book Group - using 'Zoom'
    2nd Wednesday at 2.0 pm, normally meeting in group member homes


    1st and 3rd Mondays at 10 am at Knowle British Legion. A very popular group having people of all abilities. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed. New members are welcome and, even if you have never played before, come along and we will teach you.




    Alternate Tuesdays at 10 am. Meeting at Dorridge Methodist Church.

    An enthusiastic Group who welcome new members



    Church Visits

    4th Monday morning at 10 am. We have a programme of visits with members taking it in turns to make the arrangements. New members are most welcome.



    Computing & Home Technology - using 'Zoom'

    3rd Tuesday at 10 am, at Knowle British Legion. We have a thriving group of approximately 40 members, all eager to improve their skills and learn about modern technology. We try to combine hands-on experience with presentations of all aspects of information technology. We regularly hold lively "Question and Answer" sessions to help each other solve those annoying and frustrating computer problems.



    Craft - using 'Zoom'

    1st Thursday at 10 am. Members meet to explore all forms of craft work.


    Current Affairs (1) - using 'Zoom'
    1st Monday at 10 am. 

    We meet to consider all matters of current interest, including local, national and international issues


     Current Affairs (2)
    Second Friday at 10 am.  
    We meet to consider all matters of current interest, including local, national and international issues


    Family History (1)

    2nd Thursday at 10 am.
    Meeting in-house and exchange ideas and discuss the progress that we are making in personal research



    Family History (2)

    2nd Tuesday at 2 pm. 
    Meeting in-house and exchange ideas and discuss the progress that we are making in personal research




    1st Tuesday at 6.45 pm at St George & St Theresa Church Hall. 
    Small group of enthusiasts who meet monthly to watch films from wide variety of genres, countries and cultures. After a cup of tea/coffee we discuss the film, looking at different aspects of the film and try to understand what the director was trying to achieve. Cost approx £12 per half year. New members welcome.


    4th Tuesday 10am. Meeting place variable.
    Programme includes talks, demonstrations, videos and visits to places of gardening interest.



    History (1) - using 'Zoom'

    2nd Monday at 10 am.
    Studying particular historical periods. Occasional visits are arranged to places of historical interest



    History (2) - using 'Zoom'

    3rd Thursday at 10 am. We meet in members houses and each month we have two topics with a presenter for each followed by discussion which leads onto topics for forthcoming meetings.



    International Dance

    1st and 3rd Friday at 1.45pm at Dorridge Village Hall. Some 16 members gather twice a month to learn traditional dances from many different countries whilst getting to know each other and, above all, enjoying ourselves. Most dances are easy to learn, but the more difficult ones provide the greatest hilarity. Anyone is welcome and you do not need to bring a partner. Come along and try us out!



    Jazz Appreciation - using 'Zoom'

    2nd Friday at 2 pm. We are a small group but we do have room for one or two new members. We play jazz on vinyl, tape, CD, digital format and DVD. We listen to and discuss various styles of jazz including New Orleans, Dixieland, trad, swing, big band and bebop, mostly from the first 60 years of the 20th century. We do tend to avoid very modern jazz.


    1st and 3rd Tuesday, at 2.0 pm, meeting at group members houses in rotation



    Literature (1)

    1st Monday at 2pm.  We meet in members homes to discuss a book which we have chosen at random from recommendations or curiosity at our previous meeting. Proceedings are informal and discussion is wide ranging



    Literature (2)

    4th Wednesday at 2pm. We meet in member homes to discuss a chosen book, read poetry and, occasionally, to read plays.



    Local History

    3rd Monday at 10am. Meeting places variable. We are in the fortunate position of being able to explore the local industrial history of the West Midlands together with that of our adjacent shire counties. One of our members will lead and organize each visit. Where possible we get a local expert guide but some of our members have done their own research and have used this to lead a visit.



    2nd Tuesday at 2pm. We discuss and appreciate classical music via records, CD and DVD



    Opera - using 'Zoom'

    3rd Tuesday at 7pm  at St George & St Theresa’s Church Hall. We listen to and watch opera. The opportunity to study operatic topics will be available to those who are interested. Sometimes theatre visits



    Ornithology (1)

    1st Wednesday in the month at 9.30 am. Most visits are local and a half day only. One or two times a year we venture further afield for a full day. We sometimes have a guide for our bird watching.



    Ornithology (2)

    2nd Monday at 10am. Each month we visit a local(ish) birding spot, armed with books, binoculars and enthusiasm. Sometimes we have a local expert to help us with identification and sometimes we don't. We can all now spot a coot at a hundred paces and at the very worst, the walk, the countryside and the company make it an excellent morning out




    One-off outings during the year to places of general interest. These are announced in the Dorridge U3A “Crier” and “Flier” newsletters, with reminders and updates by email and announcements at general meetings.

    Panto Group

    Performing pantomimes, revues and other drama. Regular organised rehearsals normally take place in the three months before performances . New members are always welcome.



    We meet at 2pm on the second Monday of the month.  We have recently been looking at contemporary issues from a moral and Philosophical view point.  This has so far included Climate Change, Genetic Engineering,  Democracy and Veganism and Animal Rights.

    Play Reading Group

    Currently not active but it is hoped to revive this group soon.

    1st Tuesday at 2.0 pm.


    Poetry - using 'Zoom'

    3rd Wednesday at 2 pm. Discovering and reading poetry




    Monthly half day visits booked on variable days, either morning or afternoon.  We use public transport or our own transport, sharing lifts where possible. We visit local places of interest, concentrating on places which are only open to groups, or places which will only provide a guide for groups. 




    Every Monday at 10.0 am at Knowle & Dorridge Racquets Club. Tuition is provided.
    New members are
    always most welcome.



    Science - using 'Zoom'

    3rd Thursday  at 10 am

    The group picks various themes and through small group discussion explore them. This may be by using digital information but usually by members selecting parts of the theme and giving presentations. Visits are planned for the future to expand on knowledge




    4th Monday at 2.30 pm. We meet each month in members homes to play "friendly" scrabble and welcome players of all ability - including beginners.

    Short  Mat Indoor Bowls

    Every Monday 3 pm at Dorridge Village Hall

    FLAT shoes required please, no heels. All are welcome – coaching provided. 

    GIVE IT A GO – it’s great fun! 


    4th Friday at 1.30 pm  at Dorridge Village Hall. Our aim is purely "Singing for pleasure". We sing mainly "feel-good" songs from the 60's and 70's and also popular songs from the shows. Each member has a chance to choose 10 songs from our now large repertoire plus two new ones, which gives everyone a chance to choose their favourites. We sing to carefully selected CD's and everyone is given a lyric sheet for each song.


    Sunday Activities

    Meetings monthly, on Sundays



    Table Tennis (1)

    1st, 3rd and 5th Tuesdays, at 9.30 am,  at King George VI Memorial Hall. A great way to get in shape while learning some valuable skills, developing stronger hand/eye co-ordination, and having lots of fun at the same time



    Table Tennis (2)

    Every Friday at 2 pm  at King George VI Memorial Hall. This enthusiastic group meets weekly to play "brilliant" table tennis and have a lot of fun



    Table Tennis (3)

    2nd & 4th Tuesday at 10am   at King George VI Memorial Hall.. A Group set up to meet the burgeoning interest of members in this healthy activity



    Table Tennis (4)

    Every Friday at 9.30 am  at King George VI Memorial Hall.. A group formed to welcome further members to this most popular activity.



    Table Tennis (5)

    Every Wednesday 9.30am  at King George VI Memorial Hall.

    Table Tennis (6)
    Every Wednesday 1.30 
     at King George VI Memorial Hall.
    A group formed to welcome new members to this most popular activity

    Theatre Visits
    Meeting place variable


    Walking Group (1)

    4th Monday at 9.45 am, walking about 5 miles and within 1 hour’s drive of Dorridge. At least 3 longer walks are arranged in the year. Walks usually convene a 9.45 for a 10 am start. Optional pub lunch



    Walking Group (2)

    2nd Wednesday at 9.45 am walking similar to walking group (1)



    Walking Group (3)

    4th Thursday at 9.45 am walking similar to walking group (1)

    Walking Group (Long Distance)

    Monthly (times variable)
    Walking roughly monthly, but variable days of the week. A group that undertakes longer walks (7 to 11 miles)

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