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    Policies and Values

    a.     Data Protection 

    DU3A can gather members’ information such as members’ names and addresses, subscription payments and membership of groups as necessary to organise and provide the group activities of DU3A.  DU3A does not pass that information on to third parties or permit third parties to have access to that data, except our National body, the Third Age Trust. Members who want to check what information DU3A holds about them can approach a Committee Member at any time. It follows from this that Group Coordinators who have access to information concerning members in their group should in no circumstances reveal that information to any third party, except with permission from the individual member.  Should any member become aware of a breach of this policy, they should promptly draw it to the attention of the DU3A Committee.

    Click here to download our 2023 Policies & Standard document.

    b. Paid Tutors

    The aim of the U3A Movement is for members of interest groups to contribute, in many different ways, to the success of the group without the assistance of non-U3A members. Being 'all in it together' enhances self-confidence and groups without an expert are some of the most satisfying in a U3A.

    The U3A trust recommends that DU3A, along with all other U3A groups, should have a policy of not having interest groups that require paid tutors. If it is thought essential to use a paid tutor in a group, the Committee must be informed immediately, and they will consider the national U3A guidance on the matter before any agreement is given, otherwise a group employing a tutor is deemed not to be part of DU3A.

    c.     Equality and Diversity

    Group Coordinators should be aware that DU3A pursues an equal opportunities policy as far as it is within its power to do so, and will provide equality of treatment to any person in their third age regardless of educational background, sex (including gender reassignment), marital status (including civil partnership status), sexual orientation, race or racial group (including colour, nationality and ethnic or national origins), religion or belief, disability, social status.

    DU3A strives to achieve a membership which reflects the composition of the community it serves and is committed to the furtherance of fair treatment and the absence of discrimination in all its activities including contact and communication with external organisations and members of the general public.

    Click here to download our 2022 Equality policy.

    d.      Safeguarding

    Dorridge U3A does not condone nor tolerate any form of abuse or neglect of members and believes members of DU3A should live in an environment that is safe. DU3A believes that all members are entitled to privacy, to be treated with dignity and respect, to lead an independent life and to be enabled to do so, to choose how they live their lives, to have the protection of the law and to have their human and civil rights upheld, regardless of ethnic origin, gender, sexuality, impairment or disability, age, religious or cultural background.

    If the DU3A committee becomes aware of possible or actual abuse (which includes bullying and financial impropriety) or neglect, it will ensure that the safety and wellbeing of the member at risk is secured as the priority, and, where necessary, will contact the Advice and Volunteer Manager at National Office for further guidance.

    Click here to download our 2022 Safeguarding policy.

    e.  DU3A Financial Policy

    Click here to view the 2023 Financial Policy Document

    f.  DU3A Complaints and Discipline Procedure

    Click here to view the 2023 Complaints and Discipline Procedure