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    Featuring trueinteresting or amusing stories, from members' own life experiences, or their involvement in one of our Dorridge U3A  events. 

    If you have a personal story that you like to tell to friends, or, if you participated in a memorable Dorridge U3A event, would you like to send your story to us, complete with catchy title? Stories can be quite short, but otherwise we suggest no longer than 2,000 words.

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    New stories are added any time, so keep checking. To read a story, click on a title below.

    Our List of Stories So Far

    19.    A 'Flying Visit' to Le Touquet  -  from David Archer (April 2023)

    18.   First Solo - from David Archer (December 2022)

    17.  The Diaries in the Loft - from Joy Murphy (3rd Aug 2020)

    16.  Learning from Animals - from Catherine Addison (2nd Aug 2020)

    15.  Sports Report - from Geof Wright (July 2020)

    14.  Temper Temper - from Mike Hallam (July 2020)

    12a.  Meeting Girls - from Mike Hallam (July 2020)

    12.  You Just Need the Nerve to Ask - from Mike Hallam (July 2020)

    11.  A Child's View of U3A - from Geof Wright (July 2020)

    10.  Turn a Walk into a Project - 2     from Maggie Twigg (July 2020)

    9.  Will It or Won't It ? - from Mike Hallam (July 2020)

    8.  Tick Tock - from Elizabeth Murray (July 2020)

    7.  Dorset Summer Gardens - from Brian and Heather Hopper (July 2020)

    6.  Oh Dear.... - from Elizabeth Murray (July 2020)

    5.  Tulip Curry Anyone? - from Janet Taylor (July 2020)

    4.  Tales from the Dental Chair - from Geof Wright (July 2020)

    3.  The Lady in White - from Mike Hallam (July 2020)

    2.  Turn a Walk into a Project - from Maggie Twigg (July2020)

    1.  Memorable DU3A Outings - from Sue Berridge (July 2020)