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    (last update 29/05/2024)


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    Musicals - Future Programme 2024

    Meeting in St Philip's Church on 2nd Tuesday of each month, from 6.30 - 9.30pm.

    The fee for July-December 2024 will be calculated on the number of signed-up members; the 2024 Jan-June fee was £20.00.   If you’d rather try before you buy, for £5.00 you can sample a one-off  ‘taster’ visit.

    Musicals programme July – December 2024

    July 9

    The Pyjama Game: 1957

    Doris Day as a union leader battling the new factory manager.  Choreography by Bob Fosse.  Lots of memorable tunes and a predictably happy ending.

    97 mins

    August 13

    Hello Dolly: 1969

    Barbra Streisand plays Dolly Levi, the fast-talking matchmaker who always has an answer.  Walter Matthau plays hard-bitten millionaire Horace Vandergelder – will he fall, or won’t he?  Also featuring a young Michael Crawford.

    139 mins

    September 10

    Wonderful Life: 1964

    Cliff Richard and the Shadows take us to the Canary Islands on a sun-filled, fun-filled romantic romp.  Also featuring Susan Hampshire and Una Stubbs.

    109 mins

    October 8

    A Chorus Line: 1985

    A glimpse into the cut-throat process of theatrical auditions.  Michael Douglas plays Zach, the director in search of the chorus line for his new musical.  Gradually each ‘hopeful’ reveals more of their hopes and dreams.

    113 mins

    November  12

    7 Brides for 7 Brothers: 1964

    When big brother Adam brings his new bride home to the cabin that all seven brothers share, he sets light to the fuse of brotherly envy!  Not the most PC of musicals, but lots of enjoyable songs and entertainment.

    104 mins

    December 10


    The Greatest Showman: 2017

    Hugh Jackman stars in a tale inspired by the story of P.T.Barnum and celebrating the birth of show business. 

    100 mins

    Wednesday Walking Group

    Taking place on 2nd Wednesday of each month.

    10 Jan:

    14 Feb:

    13 March:

    10 April:

    8 May:

    12 June:

    Du3a Book Club 3

    Meets 4th Wednesday of each month from 2 – 4pm, in members’ homes.

     24 Jan:

     A heart full of Headstones

     Ian Rankin

     28 Feb:

     The Black Waterlilies

     Michel Bussi

     27 March:

     American Dirt

     Jeanine Cummins

     24 April:

     The Penelopiad

     Margaret Attwood

     22 May:

     Island of Secrets

     Patricia Wilson

     26 June:

     The Devil’s Bargain

     Stella Rimington

     24 July:

     Still Life

     Sarah Winman

     28 Aug:

     Family History

     Vita Sackville-West

     25 Sep:

     The House of Doors

     Tan Twan Eng

     23 Oct:

     The Seal Woman’s Gift

     Sally Magnusson

     27 Nov:

     The Dictionary of Lost Words

     Pip Williams

    Computing & Home Technology Group Programme for 2024

    Meeting in St Philip's Church on 3rd Tuesday of each month, from 10.30 - 12.00am. 

    Help session! - prior to each meeting there will be a period from 10.00 - 10.30am

    for members to be assisted with problem solving.  Click here for a printable program.

     16 Jan:

     Keeping your computer healthy.

     Colin Revans

     20 Feb(1):

     Changing your Broadband supplier.

     David Archer

     20 Feb(2):

     Embedding online video in your PP presentation.

     David Archer

     20 March:   (Wednesday) 

     The latest developments in the treatment of   Glaucoma (Joint meeting with the Science Group).

     Mr Imrad Masood

     16 April:

     A comparison of iPhone & Android products.

     Mr Dilip Rathod   (Native Systems   Ltd)

     21 May:

     A Grandchild's view of social media.


     18 June:

     Apps for maps.


     16 July:

     Data storage, past, present & future.


     20 Aug:

     External visit (joint visit with Science Group).

     17 Sept:

     The Stux virus.

     Les Collier

     15 Oct:

     The ethics of AI, a panel discussion with differing   views.


     19 Nov:

     Annual visit to John Lewis

     Richard Arbuthnot

     17 Dec:

     Things you never knew about numbers.

     Hugh Sharp

    Science Group Programme for 2024

    Meeting in St Philip's Church on 3rd Thursday of each month, from 10.00 - 12.00am.

    Click here for a printable program. 

     18 Jan:

     Climate Breakdown, what are the   consequences?

     Roger Williams

     15 Feb:

     HS2 - The Benefits of the Revised Plan.

     Matt Price,   Balfour Beaty

     20 March:   (Wednesday)

     The latest developments in the treatment of   Glaucoma (Joint meeting with the IT Group).

     Mr Imrad Masood

     18 April:

     Modular Reactors, the future?

     Roger Skyrme

     16 May:

     Quantum Mechanics, from the beginning to the   end.

     John Spanton

     20 June:

     Farming in the 21st Century, the role of AI &   Science.


     18 July:

     Oxygen, essential but detrimental - a fine   balance.

     Prof. Corrine   Pickett   (Univ. of   Aston)

     20 Aug:   (Tuesday)

     External visit (joint visit with IT Group).


     19 Sep:

     Fungi research and inter-plant communications.

     John Edwards

     17 Oct:

     Recycling in Solihull.

     Ms Danuta Morley,   SMBC

     21 Nov:

     Advances in animal medical science.

     Christian Hughes

     19 Dec:

     Birmingham & the Bomb.

     John Barnstable

    Film Group - Programme for 2023

    Welcome!  The Film group meet the first Tuesday of each month, at St Philips Community Centre on Manor Road, Dorridge.B93 8DX.  We are a small friendly group who would welcome new members.  We watch films from a wide variety of genres, countries and cultures. After a cup of tea/coffee we discuss the film, looking at different aspects of the film and try to understand what the director was trying to achieve.

    We meet at 6.40pm, ready to start watching the film at 6.50pm.  Depending on the length of the film our meetings usually finish by 9.45pm.  For 2023 we will be paying £17 in January to cover the hall rental until June, when we recalculate, depending on attendance, for the second half of the year. £4 a film will be charged for guests.

    Click here to download the 2024 Film Programme.

    Sue Berridge, Group Coordinator

    Questers – programme for  2023


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